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We specialize in catering and we can arrange you a beautiful wedding with all the trimmings. For a long time, we have been cooperating with wedding agency which will decorate the interior of the restaurant exactly according to your wishes and of course, we will also arrange an unforgettable wedding reception.

„On September the 7th, we had our wedding at the castle Karlova Koruna and immediately after the ceremony,our reception in the restaurant Zámecká terasa. We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the selection of the place for our feast. Everything was perfect. The food was excellent, the staff very friendly and we did not miss anything. Of the great advantage was a beautiful surroundings of the castle, a luxurious party tent and mainly that everything was in one place, making everything easier. Thanks again to Mr. Pošík. Without any hesitation, we can highly recommend the restaurant Zámecká terasa.“ Many thanks for our beautiful wedding, Mr and Mrs Galla.


As we know, that the wedding is the day that none of us will forget their whole life, we will listen to all the wishes of our customers and we arrange everything exactly according to your wish, in detail and with professionalism. Your wedding is our pleasure.

Preparing a wedding requires not only a lot of tables and schedules, but also a lot of stress, so it is clear to us that not every one of you has the organizational skills and nerves of steel. Each wedding is a big challenge for us, so we try to make it as smooth as possible, including the preparation. According to your wishes, we will design your wedding invitation, which we will be happy to send to your guests. If you have a problem with the choice of wedding rings, we will assist you. Not only our specialists will be pleased to help you with the selection or the rings, but you will also get an unbeatable price.

„One of the most important days in the life of two people is undoubtedly their wedding day. I am therefore very pleased that we have decided to choose for our wedding day your service in the restaurant Zámecká terasa. We would like to thank you and all your entire staff which cared for us throughout the whole wedding day once again, for this unforgettable experience. We were very satisfied with everything and so were our guests, so we will always be happy to recommend you.“ Yours sincerely, Andrea and Vincent Charbonnier.


Our catering company will completely organize your wedding with a professional approach, so you do not have to be afraid of the slightest hitch. The photographer is a very important person at your wedding. You will show your wedding photos to your friends, children, grandchildren for many years, so do not be afraid to put yourself in our care, as we arrange a certified photographer for you..

We think really of everything, so you can choose from a wide range of original wedding dresses. We offer a large variety of colours, styles and shapes that are made of high quality materials. We are sure that we can satisfy even the most demanding ones with the choice in our collection.


Flowers and decorations make the wedding beautiful, so they must not be dismissed. Just tell us what colour you imagine your wedding in and you can leave the rest to us. We harmonize the entire interior with the bride and we arrange the bride´s bouquet in the matching colour. We try to be as creative as possible to prevent your wedding from becoming a dull and boring affair. Our clients have been always very satisfied with work of our leading designers. Also you will be!

We were choosing the restaurant with more capacity for our wedding reception. Mr. Pošík offered us the opportunity to organize also pre-wedding cocktail near the castle, where we had our wedding ceremony, which was very convenient. Together, we created an unconventional wedding menu,we selected drinks and put the final touches to the program. The final realization: 1) wedding tent on the terrace next to the castle with a nice view and a stylish decoration, 2) service for 100 people with no hitches, 3) the quality of the food reached our expectations and the food was in sufficient quantities, 4) pleasant music recommended by Mr. Pošík, dance floor is a part of the restaurant, 5) kitchen supplied our food for guests before wedding and also after wedding. Conclusion: Everyone was very satisfied. We met Mr. Pošík only at the wedding and we definately do not regret the decision to organize our wedding at his. Markéta and Noel


Another problem at weddings is transport for wedding guests. It does not usually happen, that this would be an activity, guests would „fight“ for. Therefore, we provide accommodation for guests in our hotel Classic in Nový Bydžov, where they can spend their evening and night to be able to properly enjoy the whole day and not to deal with such problems as who drives on the wedding day.


We are of course very happy about your positive responses, but we are not against criticism either, so there is the possibility to discuss any of your comments on the tentative meeting. If you still do not have a clear idea of ​​how your wedding should look like, we will be happy to show you the pictures of previous weddings we have already arranged.

Thanks to Mr. Pošík and his team our wedding day was amazing. Preparation, service, food,simply everything was perfect. Many thanks to the restaurant Zámecká terasa,the entire team and Mr. Pošík for one of the best days of our lives. Thanks, Jan :o)!

Tomáš and Markéta W., Praha

Friday,September the 12th, 2013 is going to remain in our minds as the day we entered our marriage with a promise and also as the day we spent in the spectacular ambiance of the wedding party tent. After a very good previous experience we did not hesitate and when choosing a place for our wedding reception, we were sure.Our decision appeared to be correct. All our guests left with many thanks mainly because they had wonderfully eaten and had enjoyed the pleasant suuroundings near the castle Karlova Koruna. We would like to thank to the entire staff of Zámecká terasa for a friendly service and to Mr. Pošík for a professional wedding reception.

Regards, newlyweds Veronika and Honza V.

We are thankful to Mr. Pošík and his team for their warm and professional approach in the preparation and organization of our wedding ,which took place on August the 16th, 2013 in the restaurant Zámecká terasa. Not just us, but even all the wedding guests appreciated an excellent quality of the food, an attentive service as well as a pleasant ambiance in the party tent, which they were all excited about. The spaciousness of the party tent, including the magnificent view of the surroundings, added the right atmosphere to our wedding day and we are glad that we were able to spend our unforgettable moments right here.

Katka & Karel P.

Once again we would like to thank you for your help with the preparation of our great day. Great food, friendly and professional staff thanks to which the whole day was exactly as we had been dreaming of.

Regards, Svatoš

A few weeks have passed after our wedding , which took place in your restaurant and I would like to write a few lines of thanks. The cooperation with you, I mean with the entire staff was simply factual, professional and stress free. At the time of deciding where to have our wedding, we were deciding between more enterprises in Eastern Bohemia and just after the first visit to Zámecká terasa of the castle Karlova Koruna, we were relieved as we knew that we found what we had been looking for. My wife and me would like to thank you for your service, comfort and the feeling, that wedding day ist the day, when the bride and bridegroom are treated as a prince and princess.

Yours sincerely and with promise of early visit
Michal Ubry and Lenka Ubry Giovannini

My husband and me would like to thank to Mr.Pošík and his entire team for the excellent cooperation and willingness! I also would like to mention all the pros and cons for future brides. We had our wedding on September the 28th, 2013 at the castle Karlova Koruna in the castle restaurant. The staff was very helpful and fully accommodated all the requirements I had. Even before our wedding day, I met several times Mr. Pošík. Everything went according to my wishes, and there were not just a few of them!:-). He willingly helped me and everything took place just as I had asked for, including the requirement if my father may stir his „own“ tartar. I also used to work in this field and I am really happy to say that everything was perfect according to my ideas. I just would like to mention one thing, which is of a technical nature, and I'm sure that Mr. Pošík will have corrected it by next year.There was heating available in the tent, but when it was off, it was really cold and when it was on, sitting at our wedding table, which was just at the heating itself, was quite inconvenient. Unfortunately, I could not even finish my sirloin. Father-in-law mentioned that there was hot as in Las Vegas at our table and other guests were shivering with cold. I greatly appreciated that nobody was bothered by it and we all left almost in the morning! Once again, thank you very much, thanks to you this day became for us even more beautiful!

Jitka & Jarda Jansta

Thank you for organizing our wedding reception at the professional level. By this we mean problem-free mutual understanding regarding details of hospitality, an excellent quality and appearance of the dishes served, willingness and good manners of all your staff. Just everything was done for the satisfaction of the wedding party. We wish you a lot of success in your future work.

Newlyweds Kovandovi

On June, the 6th 2014 we had our wedding at the castle Karlova Koruna. We had a banquet in the restaurant Zámecká terasa. We would like to thank to Mr. Pošík and the entire staff for their professional approach. Everyone was completely satisfied with the excellent menu and it got our taste buds flowing. All our guests were amazed by your unusually delicious feast and all we heard from everyone was praise. Beautiful ambiance added to the right atmosphere. Luxury party tent, delicious food and professional approach, what more could you wish ... We can surely recommend the restaurant Zámecká terasa, Mr. Pošík and his staff when choosing a wedding reception.

Newlyweds Paulus

Thanks to the team of the restaurant Zamecká terasa and their organization at the castle Karlova Koruna, we had a beautiful wedding. We want to thank for an excellent organization of the whole reception and we give the highest mark to every single detail that was accompanying the feast. The food was excellent, service was very kind and fulfilled our wishes. We received an absolutely positive feedback from our guests, which made us very happy. We are glad that we have chosen for this day your excellent castle Karlova koruna and restaurant Zámecká terasa and we can only highly recommend it to everyone considering their wedding feast at the castle. We wish you a lot of success and many happy newly married couples :)


Our wedding reception in your restaurant Zámecká terasa,did not have a single mistake. Suroundings at the castle is just magical and thanks to a very nice weather everything went amazingly smoothly. The food was excellent and both,the lunch and dinner buffet enjoyed everyone. The service was very helpful and always pleasant to all the guests. Please give my thanks to the whole team for their amazing work and mainly because of that our great day was so perfect until the end.

Your sincerely, newlyweds Novotní

Hello, wedding at the castle was gorgeous! The possibility of having feast in your party tent was extremely comfortable and practical for all the guests .Before the ceremony, guests had had excellent meals, so their waiting time was pleasantly shortened as well as just after the ceremony we did not have to move anywhere. Guests were again comfortably waiting in the party tent until the bride and groom have taken their photos etc. This option was ideal and highly praised by all party guests. Regarding the decoration of the tent, it was absolutely luxurious and beautiful! Lunch itself was excellent. I usually do not like the sirloin, but it was delicious!:) As for the banket, we had the most positive feedback on the pyramid made of spoons, on which salmon was served. Groom said that he had probably finished one whole wall by himself as soon as they had brought it:) All other food was also very delicious.. If anyone is considering having their wedding and reception at the castle in your party tent, we can highly recommend it!

We wish you a nice day, Mr. and Mrs. Hlaváč :)

On June the 21st, 2014 was an important day of our life. The day of our wedding took place at the castle Karlova koruna in Chlumec nad Cidlinou. Following wedding reception was organized by the restaurant Zámecká terasa, which is located directly in the park. We would like to thank to Mr. Pošík and his team for the perfect realization of the wedding menu and decoration of the place. We experienced a truly professional approach there, all our wishes were fulfilled, even beyond our expectations. There was no problem even with our special requirement to prepare a vegetarian wedding menu. An unusual main course was appreciated by all guests. Not just us, but also other wedding guests were very satisfied with excelent food and friendly attitude of the entire staff. We highly recommend this restaurant!

Newlyweds Zima, Kosičky

Once again we want to thank you for this beautifully arranged banquet and delicious food that everyone praised. Furthermore, we want to say thanks for an excellent and attentive service, which was smiling through the night and was very pleasant and helpful. We will definitely recommend you to everyone and I think that even among our guests were your potential candidates :-)

Sincerely the Kiškovi

On July the 11th, 2014 was held our wedding day at the castle Karlova koruna and after in the restaurant Zámecká terasa.Many thanks for luxury and exquisite restaurant, perfect staff, excellent and delicious menu. Mr. Pošík, thank you for your excellent cooperation. The wedding day for us is and it will remain an unforgettable experience.

Kamila and Roman Klouček

On Saturday, September the 6th 2014, we had a wedding party in the restaurant Zámecká terasa in Chlumec nad Cidlinou. The beautiful restaurant added an festive atmosphere to our wedding and your services provided satisfied even the most demanding of wedding guests. Considering that I have been in the field of gastronomy of five-star hotels in Prague and also in gastronomy of one of the ministries of the Czech Republic for several years, I am able to assess the quality of the service, ambiance, decorations and a level of banquet lunch and refreshments.

We were very satisfied with the constant care of the serving staff and the food ... it was from the perspective of a demanding gourmand really fantastic! Home made beef sirloin with dumplings and food on the buffet (especially roast beef, smoked salmon, grilled ham and many others) did not have a single mistake. I will definately recommend your restaurant to all my friends and family and if we celebrate anything again, the restaurant Zámecká terasa can count on us! Thanks to all the ladies,who were serving us, chefs and Mr. Pošík.

Iva Rejholcová - Jírková

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